2 Day Alternate Shot Open

Fall Foursomes – October 3rd and 4th

Cost:      Members            $20 for prizes

Non-members  $50 per person, includes green fee for 2 days and prizes

(Carts sold separately at member price daily rate)

Flights: Men’s; Senior Men’s, Women’s, Mixed/Couples

Men who qualify may play from the senior/gold tee markers. (Age + handicap = 80 or more)

Format: Men’s, Men’s Senior and Women’s Flights will play a true alternate shot where one player will tee off the even numbered holes and the other will tee off the odd holes and then alternate shots until the ball is holed.

The Mixed/Couples Flight will play a Pinehurst format.  This is where both players tee off and the best drive is chosen; and then alternate shots.

Teams that have one partner playing the white tees and one playing the gold/senior tees will play in the men’s flight. Those who have both partners playing from the senior tees will play in the senior flight.

Tee times will begin between 9 and 10 depending on the forecast.  Specific tee times will be assigned a couple days before the tournament.

Teams may request pairings for this event.

Member & Member, Member & Non-Member, Non-member & Non-member teams are all welcome!

Register today by clicking here!


2019 – Dud Phinney Member Guest – A Smash Success!

Hit and Sip

Hit and Sip Women’s Golf Clinics

Ralph Myhre Golf Course


Proudly Presents the “Hit and Sip” Women’s Golf Clinic

6pm on Tuesday June 25


The idea of these golf clinics is to offer a very casual atmosphere to introduce women to the game of golf. You will have the opportunity to try out hitting the ball while sipping wine, or lemonade, munching on some fruit, cheeses, crackers, and enjoying quality time with your friends in a beautiful setting.


Our PGA Professional will be on hand to introduce you to the very basics and give instruction based on your needs. There will be no structured lesson plan, so if you just want to sip and try smashing the ball a little bit just to see what it is all about, that is fine.


If you want to know all there is to know about the golf swing and want some one on one instruction from an experienced teacher, that is great too! All level golfers are welcome! “Never-evers” to seasoned golfers looking for a fun atmosphere to brush up on your swing or introduce friends to the game. Each clinic will last one hour and will be scheduled throughout the summer.


The first session will be on the driving range, and the second will be on the putting green with more to follow! The cost is $20 per session with all drinks, snacks, and instruction included. We will have clubs on hand to use for those who do not have them.


This first clinic with openings is Tuesday June 25 so sign up today by calling (802) 443-5125 ext. 1 or stopping by the Ralph Myhre clubhouse.

2018 Hawaiian Open


The Switch at Ralph Myhre Golf Course – 9 & 18

By now you have more than likely heard the rumors, and we want to let you know that they are TRUE!  

Starting right now the routing of the Ralph Myhre Golf Course has been changed! 

We have officially switched the 9th and 18th holes.  This means after completing number 8 you will now follow the signs over to play the new number 9 (the old number 18) and after playing 17 you will follow the signs over to play the new number 18 (the old number 9).  The new signs and new scorecards with updated yardages and slope are in place.

We have several reasons for making this change but the main reason is to improve the overall customer experience.

This change means that golfers will finish number 9 at the clubhouse allowing them to walk nine holes and then grab a cart for the back nine if they choose.  This will also give golfers a chance to use the facilities, stock up on tees and balls, or even to grab a quick bite at the turn to enjoy on the back nine.

In addition, this will allow our golf shop personnel to keep better track of who is coming off from number nine, and give us the opportunity to be more aware of when the way is clear for people to start on hole number 10.

Book your tee time now to come out and check out the change for yourself!

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Visit Ralph Myhre Golf Course! Check out our new video!

There’s Never Been A Better Time To Visit Ralph Myhre Golf Course!  Check out our new video!


36th Middlebury Women’s Invitational


Download the application here: http://www.ralphmyhregolfcourse.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/36th-Middlebury-Womens-Invitational.pdf

2018 Forbes Costello American Legion Father’s Day Golf Tournament